About us

exneer is a company based in Cairo/Egypt offering design services in modeling, simulation, electronic development and embedded software development of high-tech engineering. We support large and middle-sized German companies in their development efforts with our on-site support team and in the future extensive offshore development capabilities. Egypt's physical proximity to Europe along with its emphasis on graduate and undergraduate engineering studies allows it to be in an exclusive position to support European engineering activities with highly quality development services in multiple engineering sectors. Our core competency concentrates on future-oriented technology development that exhibits enormous growth in the upcoming years.
Due to our extensive knowledge of the German industry we strive to deliver the same level of quality that is expected in the German high-tech industry. At exneer, we pride ourselves on being process-oriented in every activity we undertake. Furthermore, we fully comprehend that precision in communication is the key to approach and solve future engineering challanges. With this in mind, understanding our customers need for flexibility is our priority, pushing us to work unabated to guarantee delivering not only flexible but also reliable solutions.

Engineering Sectors

  • Automotive
    The future of personal mobility is mainly driven by new drive train concepts, hybrid energy sources, stricter safety requirements and vehicle connectivity. These pose highly conflicting and demanding requirements on engineers.
  • Energy
    With dwindling natural resources and harsher environmental regulations, renewable energies are becoming a more attractive alternative. Although commercially available, they remain in large economically less competitive opening an oppurtunity for further development


With our talented on-site engineering team, we offer our support during the whole development life cycle of the product, starting from conception through pre-development and finally to series development. The whole range of support activities mainly focus within the following development fields.

Modeling & Simulation

Modeling and simulation of electrical & mechanical systems with their control strategies.

  •     Modelling of physical systems
  •     Simulation of system behaviours
  •     Designing of control strategies
HVAC Development

Analysis of system requirements and derivation of solutions for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

  •     Solution Development for HVAC systems in vehicles
  •     Design and subsequent component selection
  •     Commissioning and testing in Vehicles
Embedded Software Development

Developing algorithms and real-time control software for target embedded systems.

  •     Application software development (ECU)
  •     Hardware driver development (ECU)
  •     Software testing and validation
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Do you want to be an exneer ?

For our young team we are looking for young, talented and motivated engineers. Covering numerous projects in different engineering fields, we guarantee a challenging and interesting job experience. We offer:
  •         .. a progressive and friendly working environment.
  •         .. a compensation package including health insurance and fixed annual bonus.
  •         .. a comprehensive career development plan including financial support for technical, language, and soft skill courses.

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Modeling and Simulation
Modeling and simulation and control of electrical and mechanical systems.
HVAC Development
Solution development for HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) in vehicles.
Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer
Modeling and simulation of fluid mechanics and heat transfer effects in vehicles.
Finite Element Simulation
Developing and simulating FE models of technical systems.
Electrical Machines Control
Developing field-oriented control strategies for E-machines.
Embedded Software Development
Developing algorithms and real-time control software for target systems.
ICE Function Development
Developing functions and control strategies for Gasoline/Diesel ICEs.